Wills and Probate

There are various reasons why people make wills, whatever your reason our specialist Will writing solicitors have extensive experience in preparing Wills to cover all circumstances. Whether you have a complex estate well over the Inheritance Tax threshold or you simply want to make sure certain belongings go to your loved ones, we can make a Will to suit you.

We can help you deal with the most complex of estates and legal issues following the death of a family member or friend. We know that dealing with such issues is the last thing you want to think about following the loss of a loved one and that is why we always handle probate matters with great, care, sensitivity and understanding. We aim to give probate clients the comfort of first class and completely reputable representation.

Q: Can I not write one myself?

A: Yes. But many of the problems encountered with Wills often come from “home-made” Wills. The Probate Registry will usually have to approve the Will before your estate can be collected. . Incomplete signatures, not enough witnesses, pages missing, no date, wrong names, ineffective gifts and not revoking an earlier Will are a few examples of things which can go wrong. You should also seek legal advice for the preparation of your Will.