Criminal Defence and Serious Crime

We here at J Benson Solicitors Ltd have over 30 years’ experience representing clients charged with very serious crimes. With our proven track record, we represent clients across the country facing the most complex allegations. If you have been accused of committing a serious crime it is essential that you get expert legal advice at the earliest possible time. We are available to offer prompt sound advice and assistance by phone or face to face, and on hand to represent you at the police station or at court.

We work together with the best barristers in the country to provide you with top quality advice and representation nationwide. So, whether you are charged with murder, manslaughter GBH or any other criminal offence, J Benson Solicitors Ltd should be your first option.

With our high success rate in defending clients under the Proceeds of Crime Act, we won’t stop until we get the best possible outcome for you.