Wills & Probate

Our specialist solicitors offer a comprehensive wills & probate service at J Benson Solicitors Ltd. Whether you have a complex estate well over the Inheritance Tax threshold or you simply want to make sure certain belongings go to your loved ones, we can make a will to suit you.

We can help you deal with the most complex of estates and legal issues following the death of a loved one. We know that dealing with such issues is the last thing you want to think about following a loss and that is why we always handle probate matters with great care, sensitivity and understanding. We aim to give probate clients the comfort of first class and completely reputable representation.

Yes, but you may encounter problems from “home-made” wills. The will would need to be approved by the Probate Registry before your estate can be collected.  Incomplete signatures, not enough witnesses, pages missing, no date, wrong names, ineffective gifts and not revoking an earlier will are examples of things which can go wrong. You should seek legal advice for the preparation of your Will.

Our hourly rate is £320.00 plus VAT depending on the complexity of your case, the experience of the lawyer and your location. Based on your individual circumstances, we’ll advise you on the best option for you.
Where applicable, VAT is charged at 20%.

Each case is unique and we’ll advise in your initial consultation and throughout what level of support is required.
We anticipate a simple probate with a will would be along the lines of:

  • No property
  • 2 beneficiaries
  • Uncontested
  • No inheritance tax
  • No claim made against the estate
  • Maximum 2 bank accounts

On Average this type of work takes 10 hours to complete. This means our fees will start from a minimum of £3,200.00 (plus VAT)

We would charge you £320.00 + VAT for a simple will without the probate element.

Where applicable, VAT is charged at 20%.

  • £200.00 for probate fee application
  • £15.00 for swearing of oath per executor
  • £3.00 for bankruptcy search (VAT Applicable)
  • £3.00 for land registry search (if property is involved) (VAT Applicable)
  • Starts from £92 for Post in the London Gazette to protect against unexpected claims from unknown creditors.
  • Starts from £150 for post in Local Newspaper to protect against unexpected claims.


Where applicable VAT is included at 20%’.

Each case is individual and can differ in the time it takes to settle. Generally, we’d expect estate administrations to take between 6 months to a year and grant of representations approximately 3 months.

The basic steps in will are as follows:

  • Opening words of the Testator
  • Dating the will
  • Revocation clause
  • Appointment of executors (and trustees)
  • Gifts and Legacies


The basic steps of estate administration are as follows:

If there is a will:

  • Value the estate and report it to HMRC.
  • Pay any inheritance tax.
  • Make an application for a Grant of Probate at the District Probate Registry
  • Collect in the assets of the deceased including money after the sale of property or shares.
  • Pay off all debts including utility bills.
  • Keep a record of how the estate will be split amongst the beneficiaries of the will
  • Pass the relevant assets to the beneficiaries of the will.
  • Deal with the tax consequences of the person’s death, including considering Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Income Tax for the last period of the deceased’s life, and the administration period.

If there is no will:

  • Make an application for a Grant of Letters of Administration.
  • Follow the same process as above.


The basic steps of an application for probate includes:

  • Value the estate and report to HMRC
  • Pay any inheritance tax
  • Make an application for probate
  • Collect in the assets
  • Pay all of the debts
  • Record how the estate is being split amongst the beneficiaries
  • Distribute assets to the beneficiaries of the will

Juliet Benson is the Director of the firm, and a senior solicitor with 19 years of experience. Juliet is also the Head of the Wills and Probate Department. Juliet deals with our wills and probate matters and has over 10 years of experience.

Mariam Ezzeddine is a solicitor at the firm and she deals with wills and probate matters. Mariam has been working at the firm for more than 4 years.  

Juliet and Mariam are supported by our Paralegals, Jordan Jules and Taiwo Fakorede.

Excellence is our hallmark