Police Station

What happens at the police station can often be the crucial factor to whether you are charged with a criminal offence, taken to court, and found guilty or not after a trial. It’s therefore vital that you instruct a very experienced lawyer from the outset of your case at the police station. Our criminal lawyers have years of experience and will use it to guide you carefully through the police station process.

Anyone detained at a police station is entitled to be represented by a solicitor of their choice. If you, a friend or a relative is being detained at a police station you can tell the police that you would like to use our firm to represent you instead of the duty solicitor. Sometimes the police will tell you to use the duty solicitor, who is likely to be someone you do not know or someone you have not had a chance to check; on their years of experience, knowledge, or ability. As stated above, the police station is a crucial stage of your case and you should INSIST on having the solicitor of your choice.

Sometimes it will be appropriate to answer questions whereas other times it would be in your best interest to say, “no comment.” Our lawyers will always advise you on the right course of action to take depending on the circumstances of your case.

Legal advice at the police station is free of charge to those arrested or under suspicion and attends the police station voluntarily. You are not obliged to admit to anything, and we advise all clients to exercise their right to silence until they speak with us.